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Architect Redesigns Wellingborough

With the number of households in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas increasing dramatically over the coming years, it stands to reason that the number of local entrepreneurs and business owners will increase as well. Hopefully, they will want to spread their budding industry roots amongst our already prosperous inhabitants and become more than just homeowners within our Borough…

Architect Redesigns Wellingborough | The Space

There are currently hundreds of great and successful companies trading in and around Wellingborough, attracted by reasonable rents, low building costs, and good quality transport links. However, with Northampton and Milton Keynes rapidly adapting and providing lower-cost travel to more locations and bigger and better office facilities, Wellingborough needs to respond and ensure that it doesn’t miss out on the opportunities that are available to us all in this brave new world we find ourselves in.

As an Architect, I understand that the quality of space and environment makes a huge difference to how people and companies interact with each other. Just adding a window to a stuffy office can boost staff morale, so just think what is possible with real quality-driven investment in our building stock. This is an area in which Wellingborough can look to flourish. Let’s Redesign Wellingborough.

Architect Redesigns

Architect Redesigns Wellingborough | Improvment

We cannot change the (ridiculous) cost of a train fare into London, but we can make doing business in Wellingborough a pleasant experience. Let’s smarten up our town centre and incentivise businesses to come and fill empty buildings, furthermore let’s encourage those businesses to invest in those buildings and create a culture of pride in our appearance. Let’s ensure that there are places and spaces to hold meetings and get good food or coffee with a seat near to the train station so that people want to come and see us.

Then also entice those that work in the surrounding industrial estates back into the town throughout the day to use these new meeting spots (there is of course all that free parking available). Let’s create high quality contemporary small scale living and provide a better nightlife so that our next generation want to live in and look after Wellingborough town centre and consequently work there too. I don’t mean to sound critical, and I hope those that read this understand my sentiment, let’s all be proud of our little town and let’s build more good reasons for others to come, stay and work here with us too.

Let’s Work Together.