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Is now the time to Expand your industrial food production facility? Speaking with our contacts in the food production industry, with all the different factors to consider, existing facilities are being pushed to their capacity.

ONS are releasing up to date information on how COVID is affecting businesses and whilst figures show that many companies turnover has been reduced some areas of the market especially manufacturing have seen turnover increase.

All business has been affected and for those companies that are providing a key resource like food, now may be the time that existing industrial production facilities are no longer suitable.


Industrial Food Facility

Our clients wanted help to increase the size of their existing facility whilst operations continued.

We carried out the design for two new extensions to their facility.

The side extension is a new storage facility to house glass spice bottles on the ground floor and plastic containers on the first floor, with a lift and staircase that connects the two floors.

The ground floor is designed to allow a forklift truck access and there will be a loading bay to allow direct access from the yard. The rear extension will be a covered loading area for articulated lorries. The extension should be large enough to house two lorries and have access to one side of the trucks for loading and unloading. The distance between the trucks will be large enough for a forklift truck turning circle.


The buildings are situated on a large plot with car parking or roads on all sides of the building.

The client has been located on the site for over 30 years and leased the building.

The main office is to the front of the site with the vehicular access for all domestic vehicles using the site.

There is a separate goods entrance to the rear of the building and a service yard which is used for the majority of deliveries and goods leaving the site.

The client also owns a further warehouse building on a neighbouring plot.

With the production of spices on-site, the goods are highly flammable and this needs to be taken into consideration when the construction works take place.

The site needs to continue in operation while the works are carried out and therefore the site setup and phasing of the works need to be carefully considered.


Industrial Food Facility

This newly expanded facility will be a pleasure for both staff and visitors alike, with the functional organisation of spaces sitting at the heart of high-quality working environments and visually pleasing structures and spaces.


Packaging store:

The building will be two floors with a staircase and a goods lift linking the two floors.

The GF will house the pallets containing the glass jars for the pepper and spices. Each pallet weighs approximately 700kg and there will be 250 pallets contained within the store.

The FF will house the plastic containers for the pepper and spices, there will be approximately 50 pallets contained within the store.

There will be a loading bay created from the existing delivery yard, particular attention should be paid to the change in levels from the yard, with the yard dropping off steeply from the proposed location of the store.

The water tank for the sprinkler system is located next to the store and a radar survey should be undertaken to establish the location of the pipes from the tank to avoid any issues when the project is under construction.

The position of existing fire escapes should be considered when locating the building.


The building will be large enough to contain two 40 tonne articulated lorries and have maneuvering space for a forklift truck to the side of the vehicles.

The building should be fully enclosed to provide cover from the elements

Conclusion | Industrial Food Facility

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