No. 43 | Finding Industrial Sites


Finding Industrial Sites

Scroxton & Partners assessed the opportunities to relocate an existing facility to a better location more suited to the distribution needs of the client and to allow for further business expansion.

The proposed facility comprised of offices, labs, protection warehousing and storage along with fleet distribution and some subsidiary storage facilities.

An opportunity arose on a new employment hub in a nearby town with a 10acre plot being offered to the client to relocate one of their operations centres to. Both this site, and any further sites put forward by the client would be assessed.

Beyond the accommodation, there is a want to ensure that the site is environmentally sound. There is an opportunity to be BREEAM excellent, utilise renewable energy sources (particularly solar) and use closed looped water recycling systems for wash down. It is also important that the brand is celebrated as well as embodying the company ethos within the development. The new complex should be a pleasure for both staff and visitors alike, with functional organisation of spaces sitting at the heart of high-quality working environments and visually pleasing structures and spaces.


Finding Industrial Sites

This site worked well at offering a good opportunity to develop a 10 hectare site from scratch to allow the company to create a flagship project to use as a model for improving and upgrading their other sites around the country.

We looked at the efficiency potential of the site and how best to create a feasibility study to optimise their expenditure and existing production.

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