No. 42 | Auditing An Existing Site | Meticulous Industrial Planning Permission

Before | Industrial planning permission

Our client required our services to assess the existing mill site industrial planning permission and determine the areas of the site which were in need of work.

The site consisted of a derelict concrete silo building and a number of more recently constructed silos, mills and altered warehouses. In the first instance the existing structures, general services and surfaces were assessed, and recommendations were made.

With 10 years’ worth of experience we looked to analyse the existing site by assessing the condition of the current site facilities and the existing building stock. We then looked to provide options for the issues identified and suggestions made based on the topics of ‘need’, ‘like’ and ‘want’.

‘Need’ being the works required to conduct operations in a safe and productive manner. ‘Like’ being works to bring the mill up to a qualified standard. ‘Want’ being potential areas of possible future development/improvements.

The overall objective for any client is how we can improve the efficiency gains as a practice by being as efficient as possible in the assessment phase.

After | Industrial planning permission

Our clients benefited from our overall recommendation as to whether the site represented a bad or good opportunity in line with their overall strategy.

Analysis of local planning policies combined with the site analysis and understanding of the fiscal risks of developing the site gave our client the information needed to progress with their plans.

As previously noted, any combination of ‘needs’, ‘likes’ and ‘wants’ can be implemented and it is a fair assessment to state that there should be a strong business case for expansion and development at the site, even when there is no clear reason to assume that statutory approvals would not be successful and, subject to the relevant information being provided, granted in line with local and national policy.

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