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Brookside Garages | Planning Consultants

The client for this project is a UK-based partnership that specialises in transforming disused, brownfield sites into modern commercial property developments. They focus on the creation of units which are suitable for start-up businesses, rather than the proliferation of larger commercial units in the area.

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A site located on the outskirts of Wellingborough which, as the name implies, was the home of a former car garage and workshop. Recently cleared by the existing owners, they engaged Scroxton & Partners to carry out the demolition works and prepare a feasibility study in order to redevelop the site for both commercial and residential and to assess the correct sale value for the site.

As existing clients of Scroxton & Partners, we put both parties in touch with each other and assisted in agreeing on the sale of the land.

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Our Design | Planning Consultants

As the site was adjacent to, but outside of, the proposed Stanton Cross Development the challenge was to demonstrate that the redevelopment of the site would fit within the master planned proposals, but also with the existing countryside setting. The brief was to design a layout of light-industrial units to provide the client with the required number of units, whilst meeting the newly released design standards for the region.

Following on from a successful pre-application, Scroxton & Partners were appointed to prepare a full planning application for submission to the Local Authority based on their preference for commercial redevelopment of the site. In addition to the architectural work, our in-house planning consultant was appointed to oversee the application and shepherd it through the planning process. Various layouts were investigated based on the potential Use/Class split across the site, with the movement of vehicles a key consideration to the overall design.

The design was agreed with the client and the required reports in place, we then began the preparation of CGI images and assisted the client in the production of a physical 3D model.

The Outcome | Planning Consultants

The application has been submitted and Scroxton & Partners have successfully negotiated a planning consent for our client.

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