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Founded over 15 years ago, the client is a residential developer specialising in providing high-quality homes across the south of England, customised to the requirements of the buyer. With a focus on small development sites, they focus on providing the homes that will meet the requirements of the local area and pride themselves on a hands-on approach throughout the process, from land acquisition to aftersales support.

Scroxton & Partners have an established relationship with the client and offer services from initial advice on potential sites through to providing on site advice to supplement the clients extensive experience.

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The site, located on the outskirts of Thatcham, is a former small holding and apiary. Set behind the existing housing stock, the site featured an extensive tree screen along its boundaries and was accessible via a track running between two existing houses. The site is visible from the rear of the surrounding houses on three sides so protecting the privacy of both the existing residents and the new development was of utmost importance. Due to the area of the site, there was a social housing requirement and so it was also key that this was integrated seamlessly into the scheme to create and development which all the occupiers would take ownership of.

The Brief | Residential Architects London

The brief for the project was to maximise the development potential of this constrained site, which would provide a housing mix of two, three and four bedroom houses. Through discussions with the Housing Association, they requested a provision of two bedroom houses, which met their space and technical standards.

Based on the existing site conditions and surrounding housing mix, we had the confidence to proceed with a full application, mitigating the need for a pre-application. Due to the site’s former use as a small holding, ecology and arboricultural consultants were appointed to advise on proposals to address the existing site issues and ensure any mitigation methods were incorporated into the scheme.

The placement and layout of the units were carefully considered, ensuring the required separation distances from the existing properties, whilst ensuring that there was adequate space for refuse vehicles to manoeuvre on site. Completed and with planning permission granted, Scroxton & Partners progressed to the technical design. Working closely with the client, the technical strategy was prepared based on the client’s previous construction experience in order to ensure they had the required level of information to enable them to deliver the scheme.

The Outcome | Residential Architects London

Whilst construction was underway the client remained in contact with us and requested changes be made to the internal layouts, based on the requirements of their buyers. By selling off-plan and working closely with Scroxton & Partners, our client was able to provide their clients with truly bespoke homes.

The development was awarded “Medium Development of the Year” at the 2016 Premier Guarantee Excellence Awards.

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