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Chells Way | Planning Permission Achieved

We’re delighted to share the news that our client has received outline planning consent for the construction of 9 new dwellings on a brownfield site on Chells Way in Stevenage.

Our client is a property developer and we acted as their planning consultant and architect. The proposed scheme aims to provide a mix of house types across the site to meet the requirements of local and national policy. These are a mix of two and three-bedroom units to provide variety across the site. The size, scale, and materiality of the proposed houses and flats have been designed to be in keeping with the local surroundings and to ensure the development sits comfortably within this residential area.

A key driver for the design team is to create sustainable and energy-efficient homes. In order to achieve this, a holistic approach has been taken.

Of note, the application was led by our planning consultant, and productive communication throughout with the local authority led to a decision close to the determination date. Not an easy thing considering the application was dealt with through lockdown.

Planning Permission

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